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  1. The History of school

              Several years ago a group of people concerned about the education of their children decided to establish a school. They wanted the children not only to gain knowledge but also to acquire confidence and social abilities. The school they have started allows the youngsters to develop their skills.
    All this began 20 years ago…


  2. The most important dates:
  • 1st September 1992 – The Primary School no. 1 (Społeczna Szkoła Podstawowa   nr 1) starts working after being approved by the Schools Inspector in Tarnobrzeg;
  • The seat of the school: Tarnobrzeg, ul. M. Dąbrowskiej 15;
  • The head teacher: mgr Janina Janiszewska;
  • Holidays 1993 – moving the school to ul. Sikorskiego 4;
  • 1st September 1993 – The head teacher of the school: mgr Elżbieta Kamińska;
  • 1st September 1998 – The head teacher of the school: mgr Anita Woźniak;
  • 1st September 1999 – establishing the 2nd Private Gymnasium (II Społeczne Gimnazjum);
  • 13th April 2003 – the school takes the name after the ‘Little Prince’;

                               Społeczna Szkoła Podstawowa i Społeczne Gimnazjum 
                                             im. Małego Księcia w Tarnobrzegu.

  • 15th March – the board of directors of Tarnobrzeg town admits the new building to the school 
    at ul. Kochanowskiego 3;
  • 1st September 2003 – the beginning of the school year in the newly converted building;
  • 1st September 2005 – a new part of school, with four additional classes, is built;
  • 1st September 2006 – a new part of school, with four additional classes, is built;
  • 1st September 2007 – the second IT lab started to work.

    Our school is the place where a person and his or her personality and abilities are the most important issues and not the piles of paper and files. I would like our students to become sensitive, sensible and concerned adults.

                                                                                   Head teacher – 
    Anita Woźniak
  1. Our educational offer

Zespół Szkół Społecznych nr 2
Społeczna Szkoła Podstawowa im. Małego Księcia w Tarnobrzegu
39 – 400 Tarnobrzeg, ul. Kochanowskiego 3
Tel. 823 – 41 – 75

       There are some essential rules

  • maximum 18 students in the class;
  • learning English language starts in Primary School (four hours a week);
  • five hours of English language a week in Gymnasium (one hour with a native speaker);
  • learning French language starts in the fourth class;
  • apart from PE there are also swimming classes and the winter sports camp;
  • students can take part in the amateur theatre and join extra English lessons;
  • carefully chosen teachers are devoted to their profession and ready to respond to all students’ needs;
  • parents, teachers and students cooperate by taking part in various school events.

    We believe that the respect towards teachers, parents, and other people is a very important issue and therefore we expect it from our students. What is more, our students created the plan of marks for their conduct that the teachers use to grant them at the end of the school year.

    Our aim is to find positive features in every child, and also discover their strong points and let children develop their interests.

    Before you choose the school for your child visit us, talk to teachers and students, and observe the lessons; and then think how much you should pay for extra lessons for your child:
  • learning foreign languages – six or seven times a week;
  • swimming lessons – two times a week;
  • IT – two times a week.

    Our school offers it for only 360 zł per month.

    A student can stay at school from 6.30 to 4.00 o’clock p.m. being supervised by the teaching staff all the time.

    We follow the order of application forms while admitting students to the first class of Primary School.

    In the case of the first class of Gymnasium the main criteria are the marks from the last class 
    of Primary School.
  1. Our educational offer

Think about the future of your child!

Zespół Szkół Społecznych nr 2
Społeczne Gimnazjum im. Małego Księcia w Tarnobrzegu
39 – 400 Tarnobrzeg, ul. Kochanowskiego 3
Tel. 823 – 41 – 75

     The Little Prince Private Gymnasium in Tarnobrzeg is the best school for your child because:

  • our students have had the best marks from the final exams in the Tarnobrzeg province for several years;
  • it has the highest number of finalists and prizewinners, what gives us the 12th place in the Tarnobrzeg province (among over 400 Gymnasiums);
  • apart from the obligatory lessons there are also additional ones:

    English language – four times a week
    French language – three times a week
    German language – optional
    Information Technology – two times a week
    Swimming pool – one or two times a week

    and a wide range of extra lessons

    The fee is only 360 zł per month.

  • we work individually with a skilled student as well as with the one with learning problems;
  • our priority is to maintain the high level of the rules of conduct and good behaviour;
  • we believe that the good atmosphere and working conditions have the influence on the school results and well-being of our students.